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“My first reason why I think “Hugo’s Hero” is such a great book is how Koda helps Hugo! Well Koda helps Hugo plus his family, and I’m going to tell you how. One way Koda helps is tethering. Tethering can help in many ways. Tethering can hold a kid back from running away. Also, tethering can increase speaking. Tethering helps by when a kid wants to go in a room they have to say what room they would like to go in……..My second reason why I think “Hugo’s Hero” is such a great book, five stars. Angie used so many pictures, the pictures were real photographs. The pictures were so sweet and wonderful…….The third reason why “Hugo’s Hero” is such a great book is facts. Angie used so many great facts. The facts about service dogs. One of the facts said if you see a service dog do not ask to pet and no talking to it……..In conclusion, I think Hugo’s Hero is such a great book. You learn about Hugo and Koda and working together. You also learn about service dogs. It is such a great book!” – M.B. (3rd grade student)

“I love that this book is written from Hugo’s perspective! It helps to make the book kid friendly. The print is written in either red or black, with the red coming from Hugo and the black providing key information about service dogs. The use of academic language is also vital in this book. The use of this language will teach the correct terms to use for students or anyone who wants to learn about Autism Service Dogs. The photos highlight the important service that Koda provides and how Hugo has acclimated to his friend. I feel that this book is a great addition to a classroom or school library to help illustrate an important subgroup in our community. World Autism Day is April 2!” –Tiona Mosby

“Hugo’s Hero allows readers of all ages to get a glimpse at not only the life of an autism service dog, but also how the life of a young boy (Hugo) has changed since Koda came into his life. This book sends a powerful message to readers of the benefits of service dogs in our society through the eyes of Hugo. I love how the book is written to really capture everything autism service dogs can do while also bringing it alive for young readers to see how Koda helps Hugo on a daily basis! From the captioned pictures and Hugo’s commentary, to the italicized facts about autism service dogs, this book can be used to raise awareness of autism as well as service dog etiquette. The facts at the end of the book are a ‘cherry on top’ for anyone looking to incorporate service animals in the school, community, or workplace. “Hugo’s Hero” captures the attention to school aged children and should be on library shelves for all to read! I am a special education teacher with an autism service dog in my classroom. I am able to get a first hand look at the amazing things service animals can do for students.” -Laura Frassetto

“This is a great story for students and teachers alike that explains what an autism service dog does. Everything is written in terms children can understand and questions are asked to help engage students. As a bonus, there are tips for teachers on how to make a service dog be a normal part of the everyday school experience.” -Katheen Hanke

“I love that this book is written is such a way that it teaches not only kids, but also adults all about autism service dogs. It also touches a little bit on autism itself, which children should learn about. The photos add a great touch it making it real for the kids. This book should be in every classroom, and maybe we can create a generation where inclusion, acceptance, and love is the predominate thing.” -Caylie Marcoe

“We are a fellow service dog family who are simply in love with this book. Not only does it tickle our son pink to have a book ” written about a kid like him”, but it’s been an amazing educational piece tool. We have ordered a few copies to take to various schools and institutions our son frequents. It has allowed the staff an inside look into SD teams. As well as letting other kids who frequent the same facilities learn what they should do. You might be surprised at how many ADULTS know nothing about service dogs or how to act around them. No doubt teaching children from an early age how to accept and treat service dog teams will make the future brighter for all.” -Maria Clarke

“I am an occupational therapist who works in pediatrics. This is an excellent book with great information for families who have a child with Autism and may be wondering what it would be like to have a service animal. I will also use the book to encourage and educate families with a new diagnosis of autism. The book is written in a fun and kid and parent friendly way that gives insight into one child’s journey and is a great example of how a family can thrive with an autism diagnosis. It also has great ideas for incorporating service animals into a child’s daily life.” -Brad and Michelle Johnson